Don’t Get Scammed By A Fake Psychic… I’ll Show You Where To Get The Best Psychic Readings!

Finding a genuine psychic that can offer real insight and advice is not an easy task. A simple search online will result in dozens of different web sites claiming to have authentic psychics that can predict your future. The truth is that many of these so-called clairvoyant psychics don’t have any real ability at all!

My name is Catherine Simpson, and I have over 10 years of experience with psychic readers. I’ve done psychic readings over the phone, by online chat, face-to-face, and even tarot card readings. Throughout the years, I’ve discovered how to avoid getting scammed by a fake psychic and how to get a REAL psychic reading that is 100% legitimate.

I created this blog to share my advice on how to avoid psychic scams and show you how to get the best psychic readings.

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How To Find A Real Psychic

There are several guidelines that you should follow when deciding on which psychic network you should use. Here’s the main things that you should take into consideration.

  1. Track Record – Only use a psychic company if they’ve been around for years and have gained a solid track record. Avoid new companies as much as possible, as those are the psychics that are most likely to scam you.
  2. Psychic Screening Process – If you’re using a psychic network, make sure they have a strict and thorough screening process for all psychic advisors within their company.
  3. No Hidden Fees – One of the biggest scams in the industry is when a psychic asks for additional money for things such as “removing curses” or “special medallions”. A real psychic should never ask for additional money other than the cost of the actual reading itself.

Where To Find The Best Psychic Readings?

I get questions all the time from my visitors, asking me where to get accurate psychic readings. There are only two companies that I can recommend from my experience: Asknow and PsychicSource.   The reason is because their prices are reasonable, and I’ve never received a bad psychic reading from either of these two companies.

Here’s a brief review of Asknow and PsychicSource.

#1 Asknow

asknow logoThe reason why I recommend the Asknow psychic network to my visitors is simple. Their psychics are very accurate in their readings and all of their advisors are very friendly and compassionate. They have over 50 different advisors in their network, and they’ve all been thoroughly tested and screened to ensure that they have real psychic ability. In fact, they reject 99% of the psychics that apply to their company, ensuring only the “best of the best” psychics are allowed into their network.

Are you ever going to find true love? Is your partner cheating on you? Should you quit your job and find a new career? No matter what question you have, Asknow will connect you with a qualified psychic from their network that specializes in whatever type of questions you may have. Their prices are very reasonable, and they even offer a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with your reading.

  • Experts in love and relationship readings
  • Company has been around for many years
  • Psychic readings by phone or online chat
  • Large selection of psychics available 24/7
  • First Time Customer Discount: 15 Minutes For Just $10 or $1/min.

Call Asknow Psychics:  (888) 908-3605

Click Here To Visit Web Site

#2 Psychic Source

psychic sourcePsychicSource is a company that has been around since 1989, and has gained an excellent reputation throughout the years. The thing I appreciate the most about PsychicSource is the fact that they’re psychic readers are always brutally honest, even if the truth hurts. They won’t sugar coat the truth and just tell you what you want to hear.

To get a psychic reading from PsychicSource, you can visit their web site or just call the phone number below. If you visit their web site, you can hand-pick which psychic you want to talk to. Each psychic has their own profile page where you can learn about their abilities and also read reviews and ratings left by past customers. Overall, PsychicSource is one of my go-to sources for accurate psychic readings.

  • Company has been in business for over 25 years.
  • Psychics are screened and tested for accuracy
  • 100% money back guarantee on all readings.
  • First 3 minutes are free

Call Psychic Source: (866) 953-6748

Click Here To Visit Web Site

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